Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability

Engaging young people and collaborating across generations to strengthen the global sustainability movement

Why Engage

The benefits of engaging in intergenerational partnership include:

  • improved communication and understanding between different generations
  • sustaining the values in society, while allowing flexibility for change
  • enhanced sustainability decision-making
  • improved intergenerational equity
  • better outcomes on sustainability projects


Inter-generational partnership takes on many forms, including:

  • pairs of individuals from different generations in a “buddy” relationship, whether in civil society, academia, business, or government
  • supporting young people to engage in pertinent scholarship and providing a platform for disseminating and applying their research
  • young people interning in NGOs, governments, businesses
  • young people being included in NGO and/or country delegations in global governance processes for sustainability
  • youth organizations consulting and working in collaboration with seniors on projects, programs, etc.
  • networks / organizations from different generations co-managing sustainable development and peace building projects
  • local and indigenous communities in which exchange and learning is encouraged and practiced between generations
  • parents and children living intergenerational partnership within and through their family

Goal and Scope

The central goal of Intergenerational Partnership for Sustainability (IPS) is to contribute to enhancing current and emerging leadership – especially within and through the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – to help address complex global challenges, especially climate change, biodiversity loss, poverty, and gender inequity.

IPS is a model of collaboration based on “respect and care for the community of life,” the Earth, and future generations. It consists of exchange of experiences and new ideas, collaboration, and action between women and men of different generations and cultures, working toward the common vision of a “just, sustainable, and peaceful world” (Earth Charter, 2000 and IUCN Resolution 4.098).

Without the involvement of youth, the future cannot be secure.

Nelson Mandela

IPS is a model of collaboration based on “respect and care for the community of life,” the Earth, and future generations.

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